La Tienda de Muñecas

Estimado visitante si lo desea puede adquirir cualquier modelo de muñeca directamente online visitando nuestra tienda colaboradora

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Muñecas Berbesa, S.L. is a company mainly dedicated to the manufacture of dolls in a traditional Spanish way, and its trade name is formed by the syllables of its founder’s name. 


BERnaBEu, Santiago, has been involved with the manufacture of dolls from the beginning.


Berbesa is characterized by having a wide range of dolls of varying styles for all ages, a eye for detail and the use of top quality materials, alongside the enforcement of current regulations so that the safety conditions are met.  


 You will find talking dolls, crying baby dolls and a wide range of traditional Holy Communion dolls.


We pay particular attention to the market tendencies and we adapt to our clients’ demand in order to offer you our best Spanish.


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